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March 10, 2013
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Elvire Dupont by Mio-Neko Elvire Dupont by Mio-Neko
my character sheet for the lovely group :iconthe-aetherium: that has undergone much change lately and is looking for new members ~
thank you for the invite! :iconpapuguuplz:

Name: Elvire Dupont

Age: 21

Race: Human (boring, i know. sorry.)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 11" (6 ft 1 with her boots)

Occupation: thief/ regular ship mate, switches ships somewhat frequently.

Location: HMS Isabella

Abilities (if any): womanly charm ahah no

Personality: Elvire is very manipulative and hypocritical, and will do almost anything to get what she wants. She's a bit immature when it comes to her stubborness but she knows when it is her place to do as she's told, especially if she is bribed. She has a short temper (very sensitive when it comes to her mother) and doesn't take kindly to teasing. She isn't too intelligent either- having no formal education.

Once there was a man, a young and daring captain of a pirate ship that took no prisoners. They docked at the port of a town- and they did what pirates tend to do. They pillaged the town and its women, carrying cargo boxes of food and other stolen "necesities" back to their ship. They left windows broken, and houses burned, taking the lives of some of those who thought they could stop a band of pirates from wrecking the town like a disasterous storm.

One of the survivors was Marie Dupont, who was engaged when the town was attacked. Four months later, their engagement was called off because Marie was pregnant with the illagitemate child of a pirate. She had been raped, and as soon as her fiiance knew he left her, for such things made Marie unworthy of him. Marie was heartbroken, and that was her last relationship with a man. She struggled to support herself, and had to rely on the help of a friend when she gave birth in her house, because no doctor would have anything to do with such a child being born form such circumstances.

Even after Elvire was born, her reputation tuck and didn't improve, and neighbors constantly complained about Marie's baby who was always crying.

Elvire grew up without a father, raised by her mother who constantly told her that men were selfish and not to be trusted. By the time Elvire was old enough to understand how she was brought into the world, she started to harbor a deep, resounding hatred for her father- a man she had never met, who forced her mother into her miserable life of poverty.

The town seemed to adjust to Elvire slightly around this time, either out of sympathy for her, or pity for Marie, or just because Elvire was a good kid, and often volunteered to help neighbors clean or run this or that errand because she felt a never-ceasing need to validate herself to everyone else. When Marie fell ill Elvire was by her bedside every hour of every sleepless night until tuburculosis claimed Marie's life when Elvire was 17.

As soon as her mother was laid in the ground, Elvire ran away from her town, penniless and broken. She lost all purpose, and had no dreams or goals for the future. After a day of walking she reached a port city, ducking into a tavern just to rest, when she heard murmurs of oppurtunity. A captain of a ship was looking for a crew. She loathed pirates, but she could put that aside if it meant finding her father. Although she did not know his name, she knew what he looked like as her mother told her. She joined the crew, but shortly afterward regretted it. The captain was as dreadful as her mother described pirates to be, brutal and agressive, leering and women including herself. Elvire tried to manage her anger but she snapped when, upon entering the captain's quarters without permission, found a siren chained and trapped, enslaved and helpless. Disgusted and enraged, Elvire snapped, and stabbed the captain of the boat to death at the next port, stole his jacket and escaped into the dark city with the siren girl who she set free. Since then, they have become insuperable, despite their somewhat differing opinions of men.

Since then, they been hopping from ship to ship, growing accustomed to the new lifestyle. Elvire was at one time loyal to the Empire, but before she knew it she had become a Pirate herself. Only, she usually stole from other pirates and enver laid a hand on an innocent city dweller. A sheep in wolf's clothing, if you will? She is still seeking her father to kill him with her own hands if he is not already dead- to avenge her mother.

-jewelry (but she'll never admit it. its too girly.)
-the occasional alcoholic beverage

-large crowds
-lightning/thunder storms
-being outsmarted

Additional Information: The pocketwatch belonged to her mother and is Elvire's most cherished posession. She is also a kleptomaniac, and compulsively steals anything she thinks she can get away with stealing.
Death0rGloryRP Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
I love your app! Poor Elvire :iconsadfaceplz:
I love the picture too!!!
Mio-Neko Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
thank you so much, I glad you like her ;;u;;
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